The Temple of Sinawava, a renowned attraction within Zion National Park, derives its name from the spirited coyote essence associated with the Paiute tribe. Serving as a magnificent natural amphitheater, it stands as one of the park’s most sought-after destinations.

Immerse yourself in the ethereal ambiance created by the sun’s radiant glow bouncing off the colossal 3000-foot sandstone walls. Along the trail, a vibrant tapestry unfolds before your eyes, as mule deer gracefully traverse the landscape, wild turkeys roam, and nimble squirrels playfully dart about. 

Ensure your camera accompanies you on this adventure, for no mere words can capture the resplendence of this majestic place. Prepare to witness lush foliage, picturesque “gardens” blooming with an array of vibrant wildflowers, and gentle cascades of water trickling down ancient sandstone formations.

Accessible to visitors of all ages and fitness levels, the Riverside Walk accommodates families with young children and individuals utilizing wheelchairs. The well-paved trail offers ample shade along the way, granting a refreshing hike even amidst the sweltering summer months.

Temple of Sinawava: Location & Information

mountains surrounding the temple of Sinawava

Temple of Sinawava

Location: Zion National Park

Coordinates: 37.2757° N, 112.9477° W

Operating Hours: The Temple of Sinawava is open 24 hours a day, allowing visitors to explore its beauty at any time.

Contact Information:

Rating: The Temple of Sinawava trail is an easy, family-friendly stroll, suitable for children and wheelchair accessible.

Access: The trail begins at the Temple of Sinawava, which is the 7th and final stop for the Zion Canyon Shuttle in Zion’s main canyon.

Time Required: You can expect to spend approximately 1-2 hours to complete the round-trip hike.

Length: The Temple of Sinawava trail is 2 miles in total, providing a pleasant and manageable distance for hikers.

Elevation Change: Thi popular hike trail features mostly flat terrain, ensuring a comfortable hiking experience for all skill levels.

Seasons: The Temple of Sinawava trail is open year-round, allowing visitors to enjoy its beauty regardless of the season.

Address: Zion Canyon Scenic Dr, Springdale, UT 84779, United States


Temple of Sinawava: How To Get There

road leading to the temple of Sinawava. Cars on the road. Tall mountains.

To reach the Temple of Sinawava, all you need to do is hop on the Zion Canyon Shuttle at the Visitor Center and enjoy the ride until the very last stop. This shuttle service runs regularly from March to October, giving you a chance to marvel at some of the park’s most scenic spots, like Weeping Rock and Court of the Patriarchs, as it makes its way through the park.

By Car:

  • If you’re traveling from the west, take Interstate 15 and exit onto State Route 9 East at Hurricane, Utah.
  • If you’re coming from the east, take Interstate 70 to Highway 89 South. Follow the signs for Zion National Park and continue on State Route 9 to the park’s entrance.
  • Once inside the park, follow the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive until you reach the Temple of Sinawava. There are designated parking areas nearby where you can leave your car.

By Shuttle:

  • Zion National Park operates a shuttle bus system to manage traffic within the park and reduce congestion. From early spring to late fall, the Zion Canyon Shuttle takes visitors from the park’s visitor center to various stops along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive.
  • Board the shuttle at the visitor center and enjoy the scenic ride through the canyon. The Temple of Sinawava is one of the shuttle stops, and you can disembark there.

On Foot or by Bike:

  • If you’re staying at one of the campgrounds or lodges within Zion National Park, you may choose to walk or bike to the Temple of Sinawava.
  • From the visitor center, you can access the Pa’rus Trail, a paved path way that winds along the Virgin River. Follow this riverside trail for approximately 2 miles (3.2 kilometers) until you reach the Temple of Sinawava.

Zion Rock Shuttle

snow capped mountains at the temple of Sinawava

Reservations: (435) 849-8410

If you’re planning to explore hiking trailheads in Zion National Park that are not covered by the free shuttle buses, the Zion Rock Shuttle service provides convenient transportation. With a focus on offering reliable shuttle services, Zion Rock and Mountain Guides can take you to various trailheads, including:

1) Chamberlins Ranch

  • Shuttle departs daily at 6:00 am and 9:00 am.
  • Chamberlins Ranch is a trailhead located within Zion National Park, offering access to beautiful hiking routes. 

2) West Rim Trailhead at Lava Point

  • Zion Rock Shuttle can take you to the West Rim Trailhead at Lava Point.
  • Lava Point is a scenic area within the park, providing access to the West Rim Trail, which offers breathtaking views and diverse landscapes.

3) Lee Pass in Kolob Canyons

  • Zion Rock Shuttle also offers transportation to Lee Pass, located within the stunning Kolob Canyons area of Zion National Park.
  • Kolob Canyons features striking red rock formations and unique hiking opportunities.

Other Locations by Reservation

  • Zion Rock Shuttle provides shuttle service to additional locations upon reservation.
  • If you have a specific trailhead or destination in mind, you can contact them in advance to arrange transportation.

Best Restaurants Near Temple Of Sinawava

tall majestic mountains

Here are a few options that visitors to the Temple of Sinawava have enjoyed:

1) Switchback Grille

Located in Springdale, just outside Zion National Park, Switchback Grille offers a diverse menu featuring American cuisine with a southwestern twist. 

They are known for their delicious steaks, fresh seafood, and vegetarian options. The restaurant has a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, making it a great place to unwind after a day of hiking.

2) Oscar’s Café

Another popular spot in Springdale, Oscar’s Café is a local favorite for its laid-back vibe and tasty food near the Temple of Sinawava.

They serve a variety of dishes, including burgers, sandwiches, salads, and Mexican-inspired cuisine. With indoor and outdoor seating, you can enjoy your meal while taking in the scenic views of the surrounding red cliffs.

3) Café Soleil

This charming café near the Temple of Sinawava is also situated in Springdale and offers a delightful combination of French and American flavors. 

Café Soleil is a perfect choice for breakfast or brunch, serving up mouthwatering pastries, crepes, omelets, and more. They have a lovely outdoor patio where you can savor your meal in a relaxed setting.

4) Bit & Spur Restaurant and Saloon

Located in Springdale’s historic district, Bit & Spur is a local institution known for its Southwestern and Mexican cuisine. 

The restaurant has a vibrant atmosphere, featuring colorful artwork and live music on certain evenings. From tasty fajitas to flavorful enchiladas, their menu showcases a variety of delicious dishes.

5) Red Rock Grill

Situated within the Zion Lodge in the heart of Zion National Park, Red Rock Grill offers a convenient dining option for visitors exploring the Zion National Park Temple of Sinawava Trail. 

They specialize in American cuisine and serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With large windows providing breathtaking views of the surrounding red cliffs, it’s a great place to enjoy a meal while immersing yourself in the park’s natural beauty.

Activities Near The Temple Of Sinawava

huge tall rocky mountains

1) Seek Adventure with Canyoneering 

Embrace the thrill of canyoneering in Zion’s captivating landscapes. Explore hidden canyons, rappel down majestic waterfalls, and conquer exhilarating challenges guided by experienced professionals.

2) Unwind with a Riverside Picnic

Indulge in a leisurely picnic along the banks of the Virgin River. Bask in the serene atmosphere, surrounded by the park’s natural beauty, while savoring delicious local delicacies and refreshing beverages.

3) Capture the Sunset from the Narrows

Witness an awe-inspiring sunset by embarking on an enchanting hike through the world-famous Narrows. As the fading light paints the towering canyon walls, capture breathtaking photographs and create memories to last a lifetime.

4) Experience a Night Sky Stargazing Tour

Venture into the dark skies of Zion National Park with an expert guide to unveil the wonders of the universe. Learn about celestial objects, witness dazzling constellations, and enjoy the tranquility of the park under a canopy of stars.

5) Explore Hidden Gems with Off-Roading Excursions

Embark on an off-roading adventure, traversing rugged terrains and discovering hidden gems within the park. With the guidance of experienced off-road enthusiasts, witness awe-inspiring viewpoints and encounter hidden marvels inaccessible by foot.

6) Discover the History of Rock Art

Delve into the ancient past of Zion National Park with a guided tour focused on the captivating rock art created by Native American tribes. Learn about the symbolism, cultural significance, and preservation efforts surrounding these remarkable artworks.

7) Soar Above Zion with a Helicopter Tour

Gain a unique perspective on Zion’s grandeur by taking to the skies in a thrilling helicopter tour. Marvel at the panoramic vistas of towering cliffs, deep canyons, and winding rivers, providing an unparalleled aerial experience.

Top-Notch Lodging Options Near The Temple Of Sinawava

Here are a few recommendations for stays near the Temple of Sinawava:

1) Zion Lodge

Located within Zion National Park itself, Zion Lodge offers a range of accommodations, including rustic cabins and hotel rooms. Staying here allows you to be in close proximity to the Temple of Sinawava Trail, making it convenient for early morning or late evening hikes. The lodge also features a restaurant, gift shop, and stunning views of the surrounding red cliffs.

2) Cable Mountain Lodge

Situated in Springdale, just outside Zion National Park, Cable Mountain Lodge offers comfortable and spacious accommodations. 

The lodge provides a variety of room types, including suites and villas, and is known for its friendly service. Guests can enjoy amenities such as a heated outdoor pool, hot tub, and riverfront views. It’s a short drive or shuttle ride to the Temple of Sinawava Trail from this location.

3) Desert Pearl Inn

Another popular option in Springdale, the Desert Pearl Inn offers modern and stylish accommodations along the Virgin River. 

The rooms are well-appointed and feature balconies or patios where you can relax and take in the stunning views. The inn has a riverside hot tub, a swimming pool, and is within walking distance of shops and restaurants in Springdale.

4) Cliffrose Springdale

Nestled along the Virgin River, Cliffrose Springdale is a luxury resort-style hotel that provides a tranquil retreat for visitors. The spacious rooms and suites are tastefully decorated, and many offer private patios or balconies. 

The resort features a riverside swimming pool, hot tubs, and beautifully landscaped gardens. It’s just a short drive or shuttle ride to the Temple of Sinawava.

5) Majestic View Lodge

Located in Springdale, Majestic View Lodge offers comfortable accommodations with breathtaking views of the surrounding red rock cliffs. 

The lodge provides a variety of room types, including cabins and suites, and features an outdoor pool, hot tub, and fitness center. It’s a convenient base for exploring Zion National Park and accessing the Temple of Sinawava.

  • Note: Remember to book your stay well in advance, especially during peak seasons, as accommodations near Zion National Park tend to fill up quickly. Additionally, check for any specific amenities, policies, or operational changes before making your reservation.

Wrapping up

The Temple of Sinawava is a true marvel nestled within the breathtaking landscape of Zion National Park. This informative blog has shed light on the allure of this remarkable site, emphasizing its easy accessibility, family-friendly nature, and captivating vistas.

Whether you embark on the Riverside Walk, gaze at the towering cliffs, or immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance, The Temple of Sinawava promises an unforgettable experience. Be it the vibrant colors of spring, the golden hues of fall, or even the serene winter serenade, each season unveils a unique charm.


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