Wondering how many rows on Spirit Airlines? Spirit Airlines is a renowned low-cost carrier that offers affordable air travel with its distinctive yellow planes. However, to ensure a comfortable flight experience, understanding the seating layout is crucial.

Choosing the right seat can make a significant difference in your comfort during the flight. In this guide, we unravel the mystery of how many rows on Spirit Airlines and provide insights into their seating arrangements. Get ready to make informed seat selections for your next Spirit Airlines journey.

Before we talk about how many rows on Spirit Airlines, let’s look at some of the specifications. Spirit Airlines, established in 1983 in the United States, has become renowned as an ultra-low-cost carrier. With a fleet of 168 aircraft, Spirit Airlines operates efficiently to provide affordable air travel options for passengers. The fleet comprises of various Airbus models, including 31 Airbus A319, 64 Airbus spirit airbus A320, 43 Airbus A320neo, and 30 Airbus A321.

The extensive network of Spirit Airlines covers 14 countries, facilitating travel to and from the United States. Passengers can choose from a wide range of destinations served by Spirit Airlines, making it a convenient choice for both domestic and international travel.

Among the Airbus models in Spirit Airlines’ fleet, the seating capacities vary, ensuring flexibility to accommodate different passenger demands. The Airbus A319, A320 (178 passengers), spirit airbus A320 (182 passengers), and A321 (228 passengers) offer distinct configurations to cater to the needs of travelers.

Spirit Airlines’ commitment to providing budget-friendly options, combined with its diverse fleet, makes it an attractive choice for cost-conscious travelers seeking affordable and reliable air travel solutions.

How Many Rows On Spirit Airlines: Spirit Airlines Seating by Aircraft

spirit airlines flight up in the sky

When it comes to air travel, passengers often wonder about the seating arrangements offered by different airlines. If you find yourself asking, “How many rows on Spirit Airlines?” you’ve come to the right place. Spirit Airlines, known for its low-cost fares and efficient services, provides a range of seating options to accommodate various passenger preferences.

Spirit Airlines operates a fleet of Airbus aircraft, including the A319, A320, and A321 models, which are configured differently in terms of seating arrangements. Now, let’s delve into the specifics of how many rows on Spirit Airlines flight can you expect.

On Spirit’s A319 aircraft, you’ll find a total of 145 Spirit Airlines seats, spread across 23 rows. These rows are further classified into three sections: the forward section, the middle section, and the aft section. Each section consists of multiple rows, accommodating both standard Spirit Airlines seats and spirit big front seats, which offer extra legroom and enhanced comfort.

Moving on to spirit airbus A320 aircraft, you can anticipate a slightly larger seating capacity. With a total of 182 Spirit Airlines seats, the spirit airbus A320 features 28 rows, divided into the same sections as the A319. This aircraft also offers the popular spirit big front seats, which are located at the front of the cabin, providing a more spacious experience for passengers.

Lastly, Spirit Airlines’ A321 aircraft boasts the highest seating capacity among its fleet. With a total of 228 Spirit Airlines seats spread across 32 rows, the A321 accommodates a larger number of passengers. Similar to the A319 and A320, this aircraft offers spirit big front seats and standard Spirit Airlines seats throughout its various sections.

Here’s your answer to how many rows on Spirit Airlines:

spirit airlines seating chart

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How Many Rows On Spirit Airlines: Unveiling the Aircraft-specific Arrangements

passengers seated inside spirit airlines flight

Now that you know how many rows on Spirit Airlines, here are some Aircraft-specific arrangements. When it comes to Spirit Airlines seating, it’s essential to understand that the configuration may vary depending on the aircraft you’re flying on. Let’s dive into the seating arrangements specific to each aircraft model, as outlined below:

  • Spirit spirit big front seats: Positioned in the front rows of the aircraft, the number of spirit big front seats available will depend on the specific aircraft. Typically, you can expect around 8 to 10 spirit big front seats, varying from plane to plane.
  • Spirit Priority Seats: Found just behind the spirit big front seats, Priority Spirit Airlines seats are reserved for passengers with disabilities. These Spirit Airlines seats provide added convenience and accessibility to those who require special assistance during their journey.
  • Spirit Exit Seats: On A319 and A320 aircraft, the exit Spirit Airlines seats are located in rows 12 and 13. For A321 aircraft, you’ll find exit seats in rows 11 and 25. These seats are strategically placed near the emergency exits, offering additional legroom and can be a preferred choice for some passengers.
  • Spirit Other Rows: The remaining Spirit Airlines seats on the aircraft are distributed across the remaining rows. The exact number of rows may vary depending on the specific aircraft model.

Spirit spirit big front seat vs. Exit Row Seats

how many rows on Spirit Airlines

When it comes to choosing the right Spirit Airlines seats, understanding the differences between the Spirit spirit big front seat and the exit row seats is key. Now that we have addressed the question, “How many rows on Spirit Airlines?”  Let’s explore the contrasting features that set these seating options apart:

  • Legroom & Seat Pitch: In the “Spirit Airlines first class,” also known as the Spirit spirit big front seat, you’ll enjoy extra legroom and a generous seat pitch. However, it’s important to note that the legroom and seat pitch in the exit row seats are also relatively spacious. While the Spirit Big Front Seat provides a more premium experience with ample legroom and a comfortable seat pitch, the exit row seats still offer a significant upgrade in terms of space compared to standard seating.
  • Seat Width: In addition to legroom, seat width is an essential factor to consider for overall comfort. The Spirit big front seats offer more width compared to the exit row seats. This additional width can provide a more spacious and comfortable seating experience, especially for those in the middle seat.
  • Seat Configuration: Another consideration is the seat configuration. The exit row Spirit Airlines seats and the standard economy class seats are typically arranged in three seats across, which means they may feel more cramped compared to the Spirit spirit big front seats. The Spirit spirit big front seats often provide a more generous seating arrangement, allowing for a more relaxed and comfortable journey.

While both the Spirit Airlines Big Front Seat and the exit row seats offer extra legroom, it’s essential to consider the wider seat and more spacious seating arrangement provided by the Spirit Airlines Big Front Seat, which can be considered as domestic first-class seats. Depending on your preferences and priorities, the Spirit Airlines Big Front Seat may be a worthwhile upgrade, especially if you value both legroom and seat width for a more comfortable flying experience.

Sample Pricing for Spirit spirit big front seats

Let’s explore the pricing details for Spirit big front seats for flying Spirit on a sample flight from New York (LGA) to Orlando (MCO) approximately two months in advance. The initial fare for the first leg of the trip starts at $88, giving passengers the option to upgrade to the luxurious Spirit big front first class seat for an extra $61, while standard Spirit Airlines seats are available at a modest price of around $29. 

On the second leg of the journey, the fare is $118, with the option to indulge in the spacious Spirit big front seats for an additional $46, or choose standard Spirit Airlines seats for around $31.

Now, let’s break down the total costs for a better understanding:

  • If you opt for the base fare without seat selection, it will amount to $206.
  • Choosing the standard seat selection will cost you $266, which is $60 more than not selecting a seat.
  • However, if you prefer the ultimate comfort of the Spirit spirit big front seats, the total cost will be $313, which is $107 more than not selecting a seat and $47 more than choosing the basic seat selection.
sample pricing for spirit airlines big front seats
sample pricing for spirit flight seats

For the sake of comparison, let’s shift our focus to the same route but for a last-minute flight, just a few days in advance. In this scenario, the listed price for each direction is $308. Interestingly, despite the base fare being nearly triple compared to the previous flight, the additional fee for upgrading to Spirit big front seats is surprisingly lower, only $35 for one leg and $29 for the other. Furthermore, even the price for standard seat selection is reduced to around $19.

Here’s the new breakdown of costs for this second example:

  • If you decide to forego seat selection, the base fare alone would be $616.
  • Opting for standard seat selection will increase the total cost to $653, which is an additional $37 compared to not selecting a seat.
  • On the other hand, if you indulge in the luxury of Spirit big front seats, the total cost will be $680, which is an additional $64 compared to not selecting a seat and $27 more than choosing the basic seat selection.
cost breakdown of seat prices in spirit airlines
sample pricing for seats in spirit flights

As a final example, let’s take a detour and explore a truly budget-friendly flight. I managed to find the cheapest flight available, a one-way journey from Atlanta (ATL) to Boston (BOS) priced at an unbelievably low $48. 

This particular flight includes a connection, prompting passengers to select Spirit Airlines seats for each leg. Surprisingly, the Spirit big front seats on this flight are listed at $52 and $58 respectively, totaling $110 for a Spirit big front seat for the entire one-way journey. Alternatively, standard Spirit Airlines seats are priced at a more affordable $16.

Here’s the revised breakdown of costs for this third example:

  • The base fare without seat selection stands at $48, making it an incredibly inexpensive option.
  • Opting for standard seat selection will increase the total cost to $80, which is an additional $32 compared to not selecting a seat.
  • However, for those seeking the utmost luxury and comfort, indulging in spirit big front seats will significantly increase the total cost to $158. This represents an additional $110 compared to not selecting a seat and a notable $78 more than choosing the basic seat selection.
selecting seats based on the prices of spirit seats
sample pricing of seats in spirit airlines

Upon analyzing these examples, we can observe an interesting trend. Generally, there is an inverse correlation between the base fare price and the additional cost of upgrading to spirit big front Spirit Airlines seats. As the base fare increases, the price for upgrading to spirit big front seats tends to decrease, and vice versa.

Spirit Airlines: Basic Information and Services

spirit airlines flights at the airport

Spirit Airlines is an ultra-low-cost carrier known for its commitment to providing affordable air travel options to a wide range of destinations. As an airline that focuses on cost savings, Spirit Airlines aims to make travel accessible to more people with its competitive fares and extensive network. Let’s explore some key details about Spirit Airlines.

Airline: Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is a prominent player in the aviation industry, renowned for its cost-effective approach to air travel. As an ultra-low-cost carrier, Spirit Airlines prioritizes providing affordable flights without compromising on safety or service quality. With a diverse fleet and a wide range of destinations, Spirit Airlines has become a popular choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Alliance: N/A

Unlike some other airlines, Spirit Airlines does not belong to any specific airline alliance. However, this does not hinder its ability to provide a comprehensive travel experience to its customers. Spirit Airlines has established partnerships and interline agreements with various other airlines to expand its connectivity and offer more options for seamless travel.

Category: Ultra-Low-Cost Carrier

Spirit Airlines falls under the category of ultra-low-cost carriers (ULCC). This classification represents the airline’s commitment to delivering cost-effective travel options. By streamlining operations, employing efficient practices, and offering a la carte services, Spirit Airlines aims to provide affordable fares while still maintaining a focus on customer satisfaction.

Frequent Flyer Program: Free Spirit

Spirit Airlines’ frequent flyer program is known as Free Spirit. This program offers travelers the opportunity to earn points or miles when flying with Spirit Airlines or its partners. These points can be redeemed for various benefits, including flight rewards, seat upgrades, and other travel-related perks. Free Spirit enables loyal customers to make the most of their travel experiences with Spirit Airlines.

Tag Line: “Less Money. More Go.”

Spirit Airlines’ tag line, “Less Money. More Go.,” encapsulates the airline’s mission to make travel accessible to a broader audience. By offering competitive fares, Spirit Airlines allows passengers to save money on air travel, opening up opportunities for more people to explore and discover new destinations.

About/Mission Statement

Spirit Airlines’ mission is centered around the concept of “More Go.” They strive to make it possible for more individuals to travel frequently and visit a greater number of places. In addition to providing low fares, Spirit Airlines aims to invest in the guest experience. They go beyond simply offering affordable flights, seeking out innovative ways to personalize and enhance the travel journey for their passengers.

Daily Flights: 500+ (pre-COVID-19)

Before the global impact of COVID-19, Spirit Airlines operated an extensive network with over 500 daily flights. This significant number reflects the airline’s dedication to maintaining a robust flight schedule, ensuring that travelers have convenient options for reaching their desired destinations.

Destinations: 65+ (U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean)

Spirit Airlines connects travelers to a wide range of destinations across the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. With over 65 destinations in their network, including popular tourist spots and lesser-known gems, Spirit Airlines offers passengers the opportunity to explore diverse cultures, relax on stunning beaches, or embark on exciting adventures.

Fleet: 150+ planes

Spirit Airlines boasts a fleet of over 150 planes, consisting of modern and fuel-efficient aircraft. By utilizing a mix of Airbus models, including the spirit airbus A320 family, Spirit Airlines ensures operational efficiency and passenger comfort throughout their flights.

Main Hub: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (FLL)

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) serves as Spirit Airlines’ main hub. Situated in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, this strategic location allows for easy access to various destinations in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. As a key hub for Spirit Airlines, FLL serves as a vital gateway for passengers traveling with the airline.


In conclusion, when flying with Spirit Airlines, the number of rows you’ll find on their aircraft depends on the specific model being operated. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective option or seeking extra comfort, Spirit Airlines provides a range of seating choices to cater to different needs. So, next time you ask yourself, “How many rows on Spirit Airlines?” remember that the answer varies based on the aircraft type, ensuring a satisfactory fly Spirit experience for every traveler.


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