A fantastic journey requires cozy and conveniently situated accommodations when exploring the Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park. Being at the center of this beautiful rainforest, a world of soaring trees, mossy walkways, and distinctive fauna, improves the experience. A comfortable and convenient base camp to explore this natural wonder is available with the right hotel alternatives. Discover our top Hoh Rainforest lodging picks for the perfect stay amidst this remarkable environment.

After trekking and rainforest exploration, cozy cabins, lodges, or neighboring campgrounds with contemporary facilities offer a comfortable spot to unwind. You’ll be better able to take in the sights and sounds of this unusual setting if you’re well-rested.

In one word, staying in the ideal Hoh Rainforest lodgings close to the Hoh Rainforest enhances your trip’s convenience, comfort, and memory-making potential. It’s essential if you want to fully enjoy this amazing natural wonder’s beauty and tranquillity. Plus, once you’re full settled in, why not pop open a bottle of Champagne to begin relaxing to.

1. Olympic Suites Inn (0.1 km from Hoh Rain Forest)

Olympic Suites Inn lodging near Hoh rainforest.

Image Credits: Tripadvisor

Discover why so many visitors choose the Olympic Suites Inn as their accommodation when they are in Forks. This Hoh Rainforest lodging provides a family-friendly environment with a variety of amenities made for travelers just like you, delivering the optimal balance of value, comfort, and convenience.

You can relax and recharge easily in the rooms, which include a flat-screen TV, a kitchenette, and air conditioning. There is also free internet access. There is free parking available for those arriving by car. Visit Forks Outfitters Thriftway Food Store if you want to taste some ribs. If not, you might want to visit a bar like BBG Blakeslee Bar & Grill.

2. Sol Duc Riverside Cottages (0.5 km from Hoh Rain Forest) Hoh Rainforest Lodging Picks

The greatest place to stay in the Hoh Rainforest is at the Sol Duc Riverside Cottages, which are located along the Sol Duc River 19 miles northeast of Forks. Ocean beaches, the Hoh Rain Forest, and the attractions of Olympic National Park are all within easy driving distance. On the upper Sol Duc, the property has 400 feet of low bank frontage. 

A sizable lawn descends to the river. There are also horseshoes, lawn chairs, a fire pit with wood provided, and outdoor games. Although small, the loft studio is fully equipped with a kitchen, a queen bed, and a queen air dream couch bed, as well as a second-floor terrace with river views. BBQ on charcoal is offered. It is the best option among Hoh Rainforest lodging.

3. Far West Motel (0.7 km from Hoh Rain Forest)

Far West Motel among Hoh rainforest lodging picks.

Image Credits: Far West Motel

Far West Motel in Forks, Washington, provides visitors with a practical, cost-effective solution. The Pacific Ocean is not too distant from the hotel, which is also near to the Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center. Visitors to this stylish Hoh Rainforest lodging may affordably stay in the Forks area while free to explore the state of Washington’s stunning region. 

A stay in this secluded location will undoubtedly be enjoyable for couples looking to escape away for a romantic weekend or trip to the Pacific Northwest. Additionally, every room has an upright workstation, microwave, fridge, coffee maker, bath, and complimentary amenities. Every visitor will undoubtedly feel at ease and well taken care of throughout their stay in Forks thanks to these amenities.

4. Huckleberry Lodge Cabins (0.8 km from Hoh Rain Forest) Hoh Rainforest Lodging Picks

Finding the perfect bed and breakfast in Hoh Rainforest lodgings for families need not be difficult. Huckleberry Lodge Cabins, is a lovely accommodation for people like you. The rooms at the family-friendly bed and breakfast Huckleberry Lodge Cabins Hotel come equipped with a kitchenette, a refrigerator, and a seating space. Guests also have access to free wifi, making it simple to remain connected while traveling.

There are plenty of activities to do in the neighborhood, including visiting well-known art galleries like Rainforest Arts Centre. Your stay at Huckleberry Lodge Cabins will be pleasant and pleasurable since it puts the finest of Forks at your fingertips.

5. The Pacific Inn Motel (1.3 km from Hoh Rain Forest)

The Pacific Inn Motel in forks near Hoh rainforest.

Image Credits: The Pacific Inn Motel

The Pacific Inn Motel is situated in the center of Forks, close to Forks Avenue and Main Street. The numerous hiking, fishing, hunting, and beachcombing opportunities nearby are a popular draw for our tourists.

While you are visiting the great town of Forks, it is our first focus at the Pacific Inn to offer our visitors some of the best hotels, bargains, and high-quality service. Our Executive Suite offers apartment-style lodging and includes a complete kitchen, in-unit laundry, and a separate living area. While you are staying with us, it is our intention to help you in every way we can. 

6. Forks Motel (1.3 km from Hoh Rain Forest)

Forks Motel among Hoh rainforest lodging picks.

Image Credits: Forks Motel

Look no more than the Forks Motel if you’re searching for a hotel in Forks that welcomes families. The rooms at the Forks Motel provide outstanding comfort and convenience with a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and a refrigerator. Additionally, there is free internet available for visitors. Your stay will be even more memorable thanks to a pool and barbecue area. There is free parking close to the Forks Motel for those arriving by car.

While you’re here, be sure to visit Plaza Jalisco, one of the Forks eateries that serves burritos, which is close to Forks Motel. In addition, Forks is home to the well-known art gallery Rainforest Arts Centre, which is located near the Forks Motel. It is one of the amazing Hoh RainForest lodgings if you are planning to stay in HohRain Forest.

7. Miller Tree Inn Bed & Breakfast (1.4 km from Hoh Rain Forest)

Forks, Washington’s Miller Tree Inn Bed & Breakfast is a warm and inviting place to stay. It is located on the lovely Olympic Peninsula, which is well-known for its magnificent beaches, thick rainforests, and outdoor activities.

This lovely Hoh RainForest lodging provides cozy accommodations and a welcoming environment. Every morning, you can count on a filling and delectable breakfast to get your day of seeing the region’s natural treasures off to a fantastic start. The innkeepers are renowned for their cordial hospitality and are available to answer any queries or provide local knowledge.

The area is perfect for anyone who wants to go to locations like Rialto Beach, the Hoh Rainforest, and Olympic National Park. It’s a wonderful spot to unwind after a day of outdoor activities because of the tranquil surroundings and comfortable accommodations.

8. Woodland Inns (1.7 km from Hoh Rain Forest)

Travelers may find a variety of warm, welcoming, and comfortable Hoh Rainforest lodgings at the Woodland Inns, each of which offers a distinct and peaceful experience. These inns are well recognized for their friendly and inviting ambiance, which offers visitors a comfortable getaway.

The location of Woodland Inns is one of their important characteristics. They are frequently thoughtfully placed in gorgeous settings, such as next to natural parks, beaches, or stunning vistas, enabling visitors to fully appreciate the environment. 

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful leave, a romantic getaway, or a base for exploring the outdoors, Hoh RainForest lodging, Woodland Inns is designed to meet your needs. They provide a balance of convenience and comfort, making them a popular option for travelers seeking a restful and enjoyable stay in stunning settings.

9. The Dew Drop Inn Motel (1.9 km from Hoh Rain Forest)

The Dew Drop Inn Motel among Hph rainforest lodging picks.

Image Credits: The Dew Drop Inn Motel

In the center of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, USA, you’ll find the reputable Dew Drop Inn Motel. This Hoh RainForest lodging provides a cozy and cost-effective place to stay, giving it the perfect starting point for seeing the area’s breathtaking natural beauty.

The motel offers tidy, comfortable accommodations with all the necessities, including free Wi-Fi, cable TV, and in some cases, a kitchenette. Visitors who want to visit the Olympic National Park, the Hoh Rainforest, Rialto Beach, and other surrounding sites will find it to be a warm and friendly location.

The Dew Drop Inn Motel is distinguished by its kind and accommodating personnel, who are always prepared to help with trip suggestions and local knowledge. In Forks, Washington, the motel’s prime location makes it simple to go to restaurants, stores, and outdoor activities. The Dew Drop Inn Motel is a handy and cost-effective option for those looking to stay somewhere while seeing the Olympic Peninsula.

10. Forks 101 RV Park (2.0 km from Hoh Rain Forest)

Olympic National Park in Washington State is home to the breathtaking Hoh Rain Forest. The Hoh Rain Forest lodging itself does not have any hotel alternatives, however, the adjacent town of Forks does have a number of possibilities, including the Forks 101 RV Park. For those touring the rainforest and the Olympic Peninsula, this RV park offers a handy and pleasant place to stay. 

The park is appropriate for both short-term and long-term visits. Expectations for amenities include WiFi access, laundry services, and spotless lavatory facilities. It serves as a popular base camp for nature lovers and outdoor explorers because of its close vicinity to the Hoh Rain Forest, which is famed for its lush vegetation, moss-draped trees, and picturesque hiking routes.

11. Last Chance Camp Equine Rest Stop (2.0 km from Hoh Rain Forest)

For tents and small campers, Last Chance Camp Equine Rest Stop provide a two-acre dry camp that is available from May to October. They have 6 spaces with power and electricity for around $50 per night. They have picnic tables, fire pits, sanitary facilities, a fish cleaning station, and hot propane tent showers in addition to our other amenities.  

For individual campouts or family gatherings, you can book a campsite. Requires a month’s notice for reservations. The cost of a camp space is about $25 per night.  They are located in a fantastic position, just ten minutes from Forks’ downtown and twenty from beaches and rivers. Visit Last Chance Camp Equine Rest Stop in the country where horses and elk are there. 

1331 East Division Street is the address. For individuals without the necessary equipment who nevertheless wish to camp, we also offer camping packages. It is one of the amazing Hoh Rain Forest lodgings if you plan to stay in Hoh Rain Forest.

12. Misty Valley Inn B&B (3.6 km from Hoh Rain Forest) Hoh Rainforest Lodging Picks

In Olympic National Park, Washington, a delightful lodging choice called Misty Valley Inn B&B can be found close to the captivating Hoh Rain Forest. For individuals who love the outdoors and are looking for a relaxing retreat, our cozy bed and breakfast offers a tranquil haven in this Hoh RainForest lodging.

This Hoh Rainforest Lodging offers cozy lodgings and attentive care while being tucked away in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest countryside. Expectations for visitors include well-furnished rooms with contemporary conveniences, individual baths, and beautiful woodland views.

The inn’s handy position gives it the perfect starting point for discovering the spectacular old-growth trees, moss-covered landscapes, and hiking paths of the Hoh Rain Forest. It’s a fantastic location for both the sky and birding. The innkeepers take great satisfaction in their friendly hospitality and are happy to offer advice on sightseeing and nearby attractions. Misty Valley Inn B&B offers a wonderful refuge in the center of the Hoh Rain Forest, whether you’re a hiker, a nature enthusiast, or just searching for a quiet getaway.

13. Fishermans Widow Bed & Breakfast (7.2 km from Hoh Rain Forest)

The Fishermans Widow B&B near Forks, Washington, is a good option for accommodation on the Olympic Peninsula. Popular pursuits on the Olympic Peninsula close to the Forks WA B&B include sightseeing, hiking, biking, beach combing, surfing, swimming, and fishing. Just over the river, you can access a variety of roads and trails where you have a great opportunity to see wildlife, including deer, elk, bears, and a wide variety of birds for bird watchers to enjoy in this Hoh RainForest lodging.

The bed and breakfast is situated right on the bank of the Sol Duc River, which is often regarded as the Olympic Peninsula’s wildest and most beautiful river. In their large common room around the wood stove, guests are frequently given freshly made cookies and milk or coffee. If you want to chat informally or learn more about the Forks region, they atre always willing to help. You can get updated information about the temperate Hoh Rainforest, the Olympic Peninsula, and Pacific beaches from here.

14. Manitou Lodge (11.8 km from Hoh Rain Forest)

Manitou Lodge among hoh rainforest lodging picks.

Image Credits: Tripadvisor

The stunning Hoh Rainforest of Olympic National Park offers a one-of-a-kind and immersive experience through the Hoh Rainforest lodging at Manitou Lodge. This eco-friendly resort offers warm, welcoming lodging that combines rustic beauty with contemporary conveniences. 

The hotel offers a selection of luxurious rooms, each with a private bathroom and views of the forest. As there is no television and only spotty mobile coverage at the lodge, guests may escape the busyness of everyday life and instead make a true connection with nature.

Manitou Lodge is the ideal starting point for exploring the lush, moss-draped splendor of the Hoh Rainforest because of its excellent position close to hiking trails and the Hoh River.

Tips for Your Ideal Hoh Rainforest Lodging Picks

You may choose the ideal housing close to the Hoh Rainforest that improves your experience and offers comfort throughout your vacation by taking these things into account and combining them with your particular tastes and budget.

  • Set a Budget: Establish your hotel budget because it will play a significant role in your decision-making. The Hoh Rainforest lodging has a variety of lodging choices, ranging from low-cost to luxurious.
  • Proximity to the Rainforest: To get the most out of your visit, pick a hotel that is as close as you can go to the Hoh Rainforest. Since Forks is the closest center to the park, search for possibilities there or nearby.
  • Amenities: Think about the amenities you require. Look for accommodations with private bathrooms, Wi-Fi, and heating if comfort and convenience are important to you. Consider eco-friendly resorts without these facilities for a more basic experience.
  • Read Reviews: To learn more about the level of service, cleanliness, and visitor experiences, check internet reviews and ratings.
  • Seasonal Availability: Remember that during the busiest travel seasons, local hotels may be in great demand. To guarantee your desired accommodation, make your bookings well in advance in any good Hoh Rainforest lodging of your choice.

Conclusion On Hoh Rainforest Lodging Picks

The Hoh Rainforest lodging, including the enchanting Hall of Mosses, provides a range of lodging choices to accommodate different tastes and price ranges. There is a space for you whether you like modern amenities or a taste of the countryside. Each option has its own fascination, from lovely resorts to warm cottages and campsites. Stay among soaring trees and moss-covered landscapes within the Hall of Mosses to experience the calm of the rainforest. Just outside your window, you may hear nature’s music.

Select your favorite accommodation and allow the Hoh Rainforest’s magic, including the Hall of Mosses, to permeate your experience. Book your accommodation right now to start an unforgettable vacation. Don’t wait. Get ready to explore the Hoh Rainforest and the mesmerizing Hall of Mosses today!

FAQs On Hoh Rainforest Lodging Picks

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