Embarking on a journey through the magic of cinema is a thrilling experience that takes us to places beyond our imagination. From heart-pounding action sequences to breathtaking landscapes that stretch beyond the horizon, good adventure movies released between 2016 and 2022 have unfailingly delivered tales of exhilaration, courage, and exploration. In this carefully curated compilation, we will delve into a handpicked selection of recent adventure films that have unreservedly captivated audiences. These cinematic gems have effectively transported viewers into extraordinary worlds teeming with excitement, wonder, and the spirit of good adventure movies.

Buckle up as we traverse through the celluloid realms of “Kong: Skull Island,” a modern masterpiece that showcases colossal creatures and pulse-pounding suspense. “Wonder Woman” unfurls the saga of a formidable Amazonian warrior, embodying the very spirit of courage that is at the heart of good adventure movies. “Spider-Man: Homecoming” swings us into the shoes of a young hero navigating a world of challenges, emblematic of the spirit of growth inherent in every adventure. Venturing further, “Black Panther” ushers us into the vibrancy of Wakanda, merging culture and heroism in a manner that only good adventure movies can. “Aquaman” plunges us into the depths of the ocean’s mysteries, while “Jungle Cruise” offers a whimsical and supernatural journey along the rivers of time. “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb” embraces history and fantasy in equal measure, enchanting audiences with its magical exhibits and daring escapades. “Dune” unfolds on a desert planet, painting a vivid tapestry of politics, power, and otherworldly intrigue. “The Jungle Book” and “Luca” effortlessly weave tales of camaraderie and self-discovery, capturing the essence of growing up amidst adventurous landscapes.

In this cinematic expedition, we celebrate not just movies, but the spirit of exploration that good adventure movies kindle within us. The stories, characters, and landscapes we encounter on this journey resonate with the universal thrill of discovery. So, as we embark on this expedition through recent adventure films, let’s relish every moment, for in each frame, we find the pulse of good adventure movies beating, urging us to dare, to dream, and to delve into the limitless horizons of our imagination.

1. “Luca”: Good Adventure Movies 

Release Year: 2021 

Director: Enrico Casarosa 

Star Cast: Jacob Tremblay (voice), Jack Dylan Grazer (voice) 

Genre: Adventure, Animation 

Duration: 1h 35m

Plot: In the realm of good adventure movies, “Luca” stands out as a heartwarming tale of transformation and discovery. Set in a picturesque Italian seaside town, the film follows the journey of Luca, a young sea monster, as he embarks on a life-changing summer adventure. Filled with the essence of good adventure movies, Luca forms an unlikely friendship with Alberto, revealing a world beyond the depths of the sea, where they navigate the complexities of human life. Yet, as they share secrets and create memories, a hidden identity threatens to reveal itself, setting the stage for a remarkable coming-of-age journey that captivates audiences with its charm and emotional depth.

Why Watch: “Luca” envelops us in the heartwarming embrace of friendship and self-discovery, all set against the backdrop of a charming coastal haven. This animated masterpiece effortlessly encapsulates the very essence of innocence and the enchanting magic that defines good adventure movies. As we journey alongside Luca and his friends, we’re reminded of the power of camaraderie and the exploration of the unknown, weaving together a narrative tapestry that firmly places this film among the ranks of great adventure movies.

2. “Jungle Cruise”: Good Adventure Movies

Release Year: 2021 

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra

Star Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt 

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy 

Duration: 2h 7m

Plot: In this thrilling adventure movie “Jungle Cruise,” set in the early 20th century, a riverboat captain embarks on a daring expedition into the heart of the jungle, accompanied by a brilliant scientist and her intrepid brother. Their quest? To locate a mythical tree possessing extraordinary healing powers that could change the course of history. As the trio navigates treacherous waters and faces unforeseen challenges, the essence of good adventure movies unfolds before our eyes. With every twist and turn, danger lurks in the dense foliage, heightening the suspense and excitement that defines these unforgettable cinematic journeys. With breathtaking landscapes as their backdrop, the riverboat captain and his companions must summon their courage and resourcefulness to overcome daunting odds. “Jungle Cruise” encapsulates the very spirit of good adventure movies, immersing the audience in a world of mystery, exploration, and heart-pounding action, where the promise of discovery and the triumph of the human spirit reign supreme.

Why Watch: “Jungle Cruise” not only promises a riveting expedition filled with the thrill and excitement that define good adventure movies but also offers a delightful blend of humor, danger, and supernatural elements that encapsulate the essence of this genre. As you immerse yourself in the journey, you’ll find that the film embodies the very charm and spirit of good adventure movies, inviting you to join a charismatic duo who navigate treacherous waters and unravel hidden mysteries that exemplify the captivating allure of this cinematic category.

3. “Dune”: Good Adventure Movies

Release Year: 2021 

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Star Cast: Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya 

Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi 

Duration: 2h 35m

Plot: “Dune,” a shining example among the vast list of good adventure movies, brings Frank Herbert’s iconic novel to life on the big screen. This cinematic masterpiece follows the journey of young nobleman Paul Atreides, immersing audiences in a world of political intrigue, epic battles, and the relentless pursuit of control over a desert planet’s invaluable resources. With its breathtaking visuals and gripping storytelling, “Dune” transports viewers on a daring escapade that embodies the essence of what makes for a truly compelling and immersive adventure in the world of cinema.

Why Watch: “Dune” stands as a prime example of good adventure movies that immerses us in a sprawling universe of politics, prophecy, and desert landscapes, delivering a cinematic experience that truly embodies the essence of good adventure movies. Through its epic storytelling and intricate world-building, “Dune” captivates with a blend of suspenseful political maneuvering and philosophical exploration. The film’s ability to transport audiences to a distant and enigmatic world showcases the power of good adventure movies to evoke a sense of wonder and excitement. As we journey alongside the characters through the shifting sands of Arrakis, we’re reminded of the immersive and thrilling nature that makes “Dune” a quintessential addition to the realm of good adventure movies.

4. “Aquaman”: Good Adventure Movies

Release Year: 2018 

Director: James Wan 

Star Cast: Jason Momoa, Amber Heard 

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy 

Duration: 2h 23m

Plot: In the realm of good adventure movies, a compelling narrative unfolds as Arthur Curry, known far and wide as Aquaman, sets forth on an extraordinary quest that epitomizes the essence of daring expeditions. Through captivating storytelling, viewers are immersed in Arthur’s journey as he courageously seeks to seize his rightful throne as the ruler of Atlantis, navigating a dynamic interplay of breathtaking landscapes both on land and beneath the sea. In this epic adventure that embodies the very spirit of good adventure movies, Arthur faces challenges that test his mettle, from treacherous foes to uncharted depths, all while discovering the true depths of his own strength and determination.

Why Watch: “Aquaman” immerses us in the realm of good adventure movies as it plunges audiences into the breathtaking depths of an underwater kingdom. With visuals that astound and battles that ignite the senses, this film brings the essence of adventure to life. As we witness a hero’s journey unfold, spanning both land and sea, “Aquaman” epitomizes the very essence of what makes good adventure movies so captivating—unforgettable exploration, exhilarating action, and a world of wonder waiting to be discovered.

5. “Black Panther”: Good Adventure Movies 

Release Year: 2018 

Director: Ryan Coogler 

Star Cast: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o 

Genre: Adventure, Action 

Duration: 2h 14m

Plot: In the realm of good adventure movies, “Black Panther” takes center stage with a compelling plot. After the tragic demise of his father, T’Challa embarks on a journey that transcends borders, returning to the secluded African nation of Wakanda. As the formidable Black Panther, he embraces the weight of leadership and the mantle of protector, striving to defend his people and their ancient secrets from outsiders seeking to exploit Wakanda’s extraordinary resources. This cinematic masterpiece weaves together elements of heritage, heroism, and innovation, delivering an immersive experience that embodies the essence of good adventure movies. T’Challa’s quest not only encompasses safeguarding his homeland but also navigating the complexities of a rapidly changing world, where the balance between tradition and progress hangs in the balance. Through breathtaking action sequences and thought-provoking themes, “Black Panther” emerges as an exemplar of what defines the genre of good adventure movies.

Why Watch: “Black Panther” not only immerses us in the captivating realm of Wakanda, a world brimming with advanced technology and rich culture but also masterfully blends the electrifying essence of superhero elements with a profound and resonant message. As you embark on the journey of T’Challa, a king who rises to shield his people and preserve his heritage, you’ll find yourself fully immersed in the exhilarating spirit that embodies the heart of good adventure movies.

6. “Kong – Skull Island”: Good Adventure Movies

Release Year: 2017 

Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts 

Star Cast: Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson 

Genre: Adventure, Action 

Duration: 2h

Plot: Set in the 1970s, a team of scientists and soldiers embarks on a perilous expedition to Skull Island, where the legendary King Kong and dangerous creatures await, creating the kind of heart-racing excitement that defines good adventure movies. Amidst stunning landscapes, their encounter with King Kong solidifies the film’s status as an exemplar of the genre, showcasing the bravery and danger that epitomize good adventure movies.

Why Watch: “Kong: Skull Island” exemplifies the essence of good adventure movies through its thrilling modern interpretation of a classic tale. Immerse yourself in the heart of the jungle as the colossal King Kong, a defining figure in the world of good adventure movies, takes center stage. The film enchants audiences with breathtaking visuals and delivers pulse-pounding action sequences that exemplify the hallmark of good adventure movies. Whether you’re drawn to epic expeditions or enthralling escapades, “Kong: Skull Island” stands as a testament to the allure of good adventure movies, inviting you to embark on a cinematic journey like no other.

7. “Wonder Woman”: Good Adventure Movies

Release Year: 2017 

Director: Patty Jenkins 

Star Cast: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine 

Genre: Adventure, Action 

Duration: 2h 21m

Plot: In the realm of good adventure movies, Diana, an Amazonian warrior princess, embarks on a transformative journey in “Wonder Woman.” Leaving behind her idyllic island home, she steps into the chaos of World War I, becoming the embodiment of courage and empowerment. As she faces formidable adversaries and uncovers her own extraordinary powers, the film delivers an exhilarating narrative that exemplifies the essence of good adventure movies. Through a blend of heart-pounding action and self-discovery, “Wonder Woman” takes viewers on an immersive adventure, showcasing the strength of a remarkable heroine and the thrill of epic storytelling.

Why Watch: “Wonder Woman” not only delivers an exemplary cinematic experience but also takes us on a remarkable journey alongside an empowering heroine, encapsulating the very essence of good adventure movies. The film skillfully showcases the strength, courage, and power of belief inherent in the genre, making it a testament to the indomitable spirit that defines good adventure movies. Witness a tale of profound transformation and unwavering commitment to justice unfold before your eyes, and allow yourself to be swept away by a narrative that embodies the quintessential allure of good adventure movies.

8. “Spider Man – Homecoming”: Good Adventure Movies

Release Year: 2017 

Director: Jon Watts

Star Cast: Tom Holland, Michael Keaton 

Genre: Adventure, Action 

Duration: 2h 13m

Plot: In the realm of good adventure movies, witness the exhilarating journey of a young Peter Parker as he skillfully navigates the complexities of high school life while simultaneously donning the iconic Spider-Man suit. In “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” the pulse-pounding action takes center stage as Peter faces off against the formidable Vulture, a new villain on the scene. This thrilling escapade showcases the essence of good adventure movies, immersing audiences in a world of danger, heroism, and self-discovery. As Peter strives to prove himself as a true hero, the film delivers an electrifying narrative that captures the heart of what makes adventure movies so captivating.

Why Watch: “Spider-Man: Homecoming” seamlessly weaves together the essence of good adventure movies, presenting us with the beloved web-slinger in a coming-of-age narrative that beautifully amalgamates relatable teenage struggles with the pulse-pounding excitement of superhero action. As you immerse yourself in the film’s gripping storyline, you’ll witness not only the high-flying heroics that typify good adventure movies but also the growth, resilience, and sheer determination that mark this genre as a true cinematic treasure.

9. “The Jungle Book”: Good Adventure Movies

Release Year: 2016 

Director: Jon Favreau 

Star Cast: Neel Sethi, Bill Murray (voice), Scarlett Johansson (voice) 

Genre: Adventure, Family 

Duration: 1h 46m

Plot: In the movie ‘The Jungle Book,’ Mowgli, a spirited young boy raised by wolves, embarks on a captivating journey of self-discovery through the lush and untamed jungle. This timeless tale, celebrated as one of the quintessential examples of good adventure movies, unfolds as Mowgli encounters a diverse cast of animal companions, each offering their unique wisdom and challenges along the way. With breathtaking landscapes as his backdrop, Mowgli navigates exhilarating encounters with creatures like the wise panther Bagheera, the carefree bear Baloo, and the cunning tiger Shere Khan. As danger lurks and friendships blossom, Mowgli’s path to self-realization becomes a thrilling odyssey that captures the very essence of what makes adventure movies truly exceptional.

Why Watch: “The Jungle Book” epitomizes the essence of good adventure movies as it masterfully reimagines the classic tale with stunning visuals and heartfelt storytelling. Immerse yourself in the lush landscapes of the jungle, where Mowgli’s extraordinary journey unfolds amidst breathtaking scenery. This film encapsulates the very spirit of good adventure movies, highlighting the power of friendship and courage in the face of daunting challenges.

10. “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb”

Release Year: 2014

Director: Shawn Levy

Star Cast: Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Owen Wilson, and Rebel Wilson

Genre: Adventure, Comedy

Duration: 1h 38m

Plot: “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb” encapsulates the essence of good adventure movies, immersing us in the journey of Larry Daley (played by Ben Stiller), the night security guard at the Museum of Natural History. When the magical tablet animating the exhibits begins to corrode, Larry embarks on a worldwide quest, resonating with the audacious spirit of adventure films. His mission leads him to the British Museum in London, introducing fresh characters and challenges that underscore the dynamic nature of good adventure movies. As Larry navigates through historical wonders and mythical creatures, he must unravel the tablet’s secrets to save his friends and preserve the magic that defines the very core of this enthralling adventure.

Why Watch: “Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb” is a testament to the essence of good adventure movies, offering a blend of imagination, camaraderie, and exploration. This film invites viewers to witness history’s most iconic figures come alive in a way that both educates and entertains. The seamless integration of special effects and endearing characters ensures an experience that appeals to audiences of all ages. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly adventure or simply looking to be whisked away to a world of wonder, this film promises a journey that exemplifies the very best of good adventure movies.


From the breathtaking landscapes of Skull Island to the futuristic worlds of superheroes and the realms of ancient legends, this compilation of good adventure movies have offered an array of captivating journeys. These films invite us to explore the unknown, confront challenges, and experience the thrill of discovery alongside characters who inspire us with their courage and determination. As we continue to seek new cinematic adventures, these recent releases remind us that the spirit of exploration and wonder never fades on the silver screen. Embrace the allure of good adventure movies and embark on unforgettable quests through the magic of storytelling.


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