Dorset is a large county in England with a staggeringly beautiful ancient coastline and some of the country’s most charming countryside. With so much to see and do, knowing where to start when planning to travel dorset here can be difficult.

However, there is something to suit everyone in to travel Dorset, from its rolling hillsides and dramatic cliffs to its stunning coastline and chocolate box villages. Whether you’re looking for a bustling town or a quiet countryside retreat, you’re sure to find it in this county.

Whether you’re looking to explore the great outdoors or simply relax and take in the incredible views, Dorset is the ideal destination. So why not take the opportunity to explore all that Dorset has to offer?

Here are the List of Best Places to Travel Dorset



Weymouth is a charming coastal town located in Dorset, England. The city is situated on the banks of the River Wey and is home to a beautiful harbour and sandy beach.

Weymouth’s central location on the Jurassic Coast makes it a popular destination for fossil hunters and nature lovers alike.

Visitors to Weymouth can enjoy various activities, including exploring the harbour, strolling along the beach, and visiting the many shops and restaurants in town.

Weymouth is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of England’s coastline.



Swanage is a lovely coastal town in the southeast of Dorset that was initially a small port and fishing village but flourished in the Victorian era.

Today Swanage remains a popular tourist resort with a bay, sandy beach, fish and chip shops, and other seasonal attractions. Swanage is worth visiting!

Isle of Portland

Isle of Portland

The Isle of Portland is a great place to visit for a day of sightseeing. This rugged section of the Jurassic Coast has stunning scenery and is full of things to do.

You can spend the day taking in the views, participating in outdoor activities, or exploring the Isle of Portland.

There are also plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from, so you can enjoy a delicious meal whilst watching the sunset over the sea.

The Isle of Portland is a must-visit during your stay at our holiday park near Poole.

Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth Beach

Bournemouth Beach is the ideal spot for a day trip, no matter the weather or time of year. With miles of coastline, there’s plenty to explore.

Whether you’re looking to relax in the sand or stroll along the pier, Bournemouth beach has something for everyone. In addition to stunning views, the beach also offers a variety of dining options.

So whether you’re in the mood for some fish and chips or ice cream, Bournemouth beach is the perfect place to enjoy a sunny day.

Corfe Castle

corfe castle

Corfe Castle is a must-see for anyone who is planning to travel Dorset. It’s easy to find, and there’s plenty to see and do.

The Castle is great fun for kids of any age, and there are plenty of places to explore. You’ll also find plenty of places to relax and enjoy local sourced food and a drink in one of the many pubs, cafes, takeaways and restaurants.

Corfe Castle is a great place to visit for a day out with family or friends. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, So make sure you add it to your list!



Dorchester is a historic town in Dorset, on the edge of the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The city is in the heart of the so-called “Hardy Country”, named after the writer Thomas Hardy, born in Dorchester.

With beautiful countryside on its doorstep, plus the beaches and wild cliffs of the Jurassic Coast just seven miles away, the town makes an ideal base for exploring the rest of the county.

There are also loads of great things to do in Dorchester itself, from fabulous local museums and iron-age hill forts, to boutique shops and delicious independent eateries.

The Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic Coast

The Jurassic Coast is a 95-mile stretch of coastline in England that is home to a range of fossils and rock formations.

The coast is the only natural site in England to have UNESCO World Heritage status. Jurassic Coast is renowned for its incredible geology.

The coastline includes various rocks, from Triassic sandstones to Jurassic limestone. Many fossils can be found along the coast, including ammonites, belemnites, and ichthyosaurs. The Jurassic Coast is a fantastic place to explore the Earth’s natural history.



Sherborne is a town located on the Dorset and Somerset border in England. It is known for its abundance of medieval buildings, Sherborne Abbey, Sherborne School, Sherborne Castle, and Sherborne House.

Sherborne is also picturesquely located, with the River Yeo flowing through it. The town has excellent transport links, making it easy to access for both locals and visitors.

Sherborne is one of England’s most beautiful towns and it is fully worth a visit!

Gold Hill

Gold Hill

Gold Hill is a popular tourist destination located in the town of Shaftesbury, England. The hill is notable for its steep incline and its panoramic view of the town below.

Gold Hill is also home to the Grade I listed walls of Shaftesbury Abbey. The hill became famous after featuring in a popular TV commercial for Hovis bread.

Today, Gold Hill is a popular spot for picnicking, hiking, and photography.

Lulworth Cove

Lulworth Cove

Lulworth Cove is a world-famous secluded beach located in Dorset, England. The cove is flanked by cliffs on three sides and has a shallow, sheltered bay with crystal-clear blue water.

Lulworth Cove is part of the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site stretching 95 miles along England’s south coast.

The cove was formed over millions of years by the erosion of limestone and chalk rocks. Stair Hole, one of the cove’s most distinctive features, is a natural archway created by the collapse of a sea cave.

However, Today Lulworth Cove is a popular tourist destination to travel dorset and is known for its scenic beauty and unique geology.



Bridport is a market town in Dorset, England, situated approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 km) inland from the English Channel coast at West Bay.

It lies at the mouth of the small River Brit, in Bridport Harbour with long history dating back to the Saxon period when it was established as a burh or fortified town by Alfred the Great.

It was one of the most important towns in Dorset during the Saxon period and later became a centre for rope making.

The town’s strategic location near the Jurassic Coast made it an important port for trade and transportation during medieval times.

The town is famous for its diverse range of shops and businesses and lively arts and culture scene. It is an enjoyable place to visit, with something to offer everyone.

Chesil Beach

Chesil Beach

Chesil Beach is a place worth visiting. The beach is made of pebbles and shingles, making for an exciting look.

And because the pebbles are of different sizes, it creates an even more interesting texture. There’s also a protected area for nesting birds at the back of the beach, so you can be sure that you’ll see some incredible wildlife if you visit Chesil Beach.

Plus, Chesil Beach forms a tombolo linking Portland to the mainland. So if you’re ever in the area, check out Chesil Beach!

The Purbeck Hills


The Purbeck Hills are a range of rolling hills in Dorset, England. They are located on the Isle of Purbeck and are best known for their picturesque villages, farmland, and stunning sea views.

The Purbeck Hills are a popular destination for hiking and offer a variety of scenery from every angle.

From the top of the hills, you can see the famous landforms of the Purbeck coast, Poole Harbour and the Isle of Wight.

The Purbeck Hills are a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and enjoy some stunning views.

Boscombe Beach

Boscombe Beach

Boscombe Beach is a very popular beach due to its miles of golden sands in either direction and because there are plenty of beach activities on offer, many of them free.

A stroll along the restored pier makes for a nice change from sunbathing and offers excellent coastline views and out towards the Isle of Wight.

You can fish from the end of the pier, but you must pick up a permit from the Boscombe Beach Office first.

Boscombe Beach is also a great place for people watching as there’s always something going on, whether it’s families playing in the waves, couples strolling hand in hand or surfers riding the waves.



Studland is a small village located on a peninsula in the Isle of Purbeck and is close to both Swanage and Corfe Castle.

Moreover, It is famous for its long, sandy beaches (including a nudist beach), and visitors and locals flock to the area in summer. The National Trust manages all the beaches, and each has its own car park and facilities.

Some beaches offer watersports, and the local riding stables give riding lessons on the beach at certain times of the year. Studland is a great place to enjoy the outdoors with friends or family, and there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, take part in some watersports, or explore the nearby villages, Studland is the perfect destination.

Swyre Head

Swyre Head is one of the most popular locations while travelling to Dorset. It is situated on top of a hill with great views for miles.

You can also find an old Bronze age round barrow on top of the mountain. The area is perfect for a nice walk to blow away the cobwebs.

And if you’re lucky, you might even see some dolphins in the bay!



The historic village of Abbotsbury is located on the Dorset Jurassic Coast. This charming village sits in a secluded valley sheltered by the Ridgeway hills that provide a warm microclimate.

There are lots of places to visit in and around the village, including the abbey, St Catherine’s Chapel, the Subtropical Gardens, and the Swannery.

The Swannery is home to a colony of swans; visitors can learn about the bird’s natural history and see them being fed.

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