Best movies when high! Whether you’re seeking mind-bending narratives that align with your altered consciousness or simply looking for a hearty dose of laughter and visual delight, the world of cinema offers a plethora of options to explore. From thought-provoking classics to colorful animations that seem to dance off the screen, the realm of “best movies when high” is a captivating realm where storytelling and sensory immersion intertwine in unforgettable ways.

1. “Alice in Wonderland” (2010) – Best movies when high

Alice in Wonderland” is an animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released in 1951. It’s based on Lewis Carroll’s classic novels “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass.” The film follows the curious young girl, Alice, as she falls down a rabbit hole into a whimsical and surreal world filled with eccentric characters and strange events.

In this fantasy land, Alice encounters various memorable characters, including the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of Hearts, and more. Each encounter brings a new adventure, often reflecting a blend of absurdity, wordplay, and whimsical charm.

The movie is known for its colorful animation, catchy songs, and imaginative world-building. While it is considered a family-friendly film, its trippy visuals and nonsensical nature have also made it a favorite for those who enjoy altered states of mind, as the bizarre and dreamlike atmosphere can resonate with such experiences and thus one of the best movies when high.

2. “Doctor Strange” (2016) – Best movies when high

“Doctor Strange” is a superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. It was released in 2016 as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). This one is a must in the list of best movies when high. The film follows the story of Dr. Stephen Strange, a brilliant but arrogant neurosurgeon who, after a car accident leaves him with severe nerve damage in his hands, embarks on a journey to find healing and ends up discovering the mystical world of sorcery and alternate dimensions.

The movie explores themes of mysticism, reality manipulation, and the multiverse, which can align nicely with altered states of mind and a sense of wonder. The visual effects in the film are often described as trippy and mind-bending, creating an immersive experience that can be especially intriguing when you’re looking for the best movies when high.

3. “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” (1998) –  Best movies when high

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” is a film adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s semi-autobiographical novel of the same name. Released in 1998, the film is directed by Terry Gilliam and stars Johnny Depp as Raoul Duke (a character based on Thompson himself) and Benicio del Toro as his attorney, Dr. Gonzo. This one is a very good option to look into when going through the list of best movies when high.

The movie follows Duke and Dr. Gonzo as they embark on a drug-fueled journey to Las Vegas to cover a motorcycle race and engage in various misadventures along the way. The film explores themes of drug use, counterculture, and the search for meaning in a chaotic world and that’s the reason it’s included in the best movies when high.

Given the film’s depiction of drug use, altered states, and surreal and often hallucinatory visuals, it has become a cult favorite among audiences who are interested in exploring the experiences and perspectives associated with mind-altering substances. These kinds of movies are preferred by people when delving into best movies when high. 

4. “Yellow Submarine” (1968)- Best movies when high

“Yellow Submarine” is an animated musical fantasy film released in 1968, based on the music of The Beatles. It is included in the best movies when high due to its vibrant and surreal animation style, filled with abstract and kaleidoscopic visuals that can be particularly mesmerizing and engaging when watched while in an altered state. The film was inspired by the song “Yellow Submarine” from their album “Revolver” and features many of their hit songs. It’s a visually stunning and creatively imaginative film that takes viewers on a psychedelic journey through a world of music, color, and whimsy.

The story centers around the inhabitants of Pepperland, a cheerful and music-loving paradise, who come under attack from the Blue Meanies, a group of malevolent creatures who despise music and happiness. The film follows the journey of The Beatles—John, Paul, George, and Ringo—along with their ally Captain Fred, as they travel in the titular Yellow Submarine to save Pepperland and its citizens.

The film’s whimsical characters, fantastic landscapes, and musical numbers contribute to an otherworldly experience that many viewers find captivating, especially when enhanced by a sense of wonder or altered perception. Hence a good choice when surfing through the best movies when high.

5. “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968)- Best movies when high

“2001: A Space Odyssey” is a science fiction film directed by Stanley Kubrick and released in 1968. It is widely regarded as one of the most influential and visually stunning films in cinematic history. It is one of the best movies When High. The movie is based on a short story by Arthur C. Clarke and is known for its breathtaking visuals, philosophical themes, and exploration of human evolution and the mysteries of the universe.

The film is divided into several parts, each depicting a different era in human history, from prehistoric times to the distant future. The centerpiece of the story involves a voyage to Jupiter aboard a spacecraft named Discovery One, guided by the advanced artificial intelligence known as HAL 9000.

“2001: A Space Odyssey” is celebrated for its meticulous attention to detail, groundbreaking special effects, and its use of classical music to enhance the visual experience. The film’s use of silence, long takes, and abstract sequences can create a profound and immersive atmosphere that aligns well with an altered state of consciousness. The film’s stunning visuals and ambiguous narrative have led many viewers to contemplate its deeper themes during and after watching which is why you should consider this one when exploring the best movies when high.

6. “Enter the Void” (2009)- Best movies when high

“Enter the Void” is a psychedelic drama film directed by Gaspar Noé and released in 2009. The film is known for its visually intense and experimental style, as well as its exploration of themes related to death, consciousness, and the afterlife which is exactly why it is one of the best movies when high.

The story follows the character Oscar, an American drug dealer living in Tokyo, as he experiences the moments leading up to and following his death. The film is shot from a first-person perspective, often using long takes and surreal visual effects to create a dreamlike and immersive experience. The narrative is nonlinear and blends the character’s memories, thoughts, and perceptions with the events unfolding on screen.

Given its vivid and often disorienting visuals, “Enter the Void” is a film that has garnered attention from audiences interested in altered states of mind which is why it makes its way into the best movies when high. The immersive nature of the film, combined with its exploration of themes related to consciousness and the afterlife, can make for a deeply introspective and thought-provoking experience when watched while in an altered state.

7. “Fantasia” (1940) – Best movies when high

 “Fantasia” is an animated musical film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released in 1940. It is one of the best movies when high. The film is unique in that it is not a traditional narrative, but rather a collection of eight animated segments set to classical music. Each segment is accompanied by the music of composers such as Bach, Tchaikovsky, and Stravinsky, and is designed to evoke different emotions and visual experiences.

The film features a blend of abstract animation, vibrant colors, and imaginative visuals, which can be particularly captivating when watched while in an altered state of mind and thus a must-watch when exploring best movies when high. “Fantasia” aims to create a synesthetic experience, where the music and visuals are intertwined to evoke a sensory response that goes beyond traditional storytelling.

The segments include a mix of both fantastical and abstract concepts, including scenes of dancing hippos and alligators, a mischievous sorcerer’s apprentice, mythical creatures, and more. The film’s unique and visually rich content can align well with altered perceptions and a sense of wonder.

8. “The Big Lebowski” (1998) –  Best movies when high

“The Big Lebowski” is a comedy film written and directed by the Coen Brothers, released in 1998. It is one of the best movies when high. The film has gained a dedicated cult following and is known for its quirky characters, offbeat humor, and distinctive dialogue. The story revolves around Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski, played by Jeff Bridges, who becomes embroiled in a series of misadventures after being mistaken for a millionaire with the same name.

The film’s humor and eccentric characters have made it a favorite for many viewers, including those who might enjoy it even more when in an altered state of mind. The meandering plot, the Dude’s laid-back attitude, and the film’s overall irreverent tone can create a relaxed and entertaining experience that aligns well with a chill and mellow state of mind. Remember to give it a try when in the mood for best movies when high.

 9. “Waking Life” (2001) –  Best movies when high

 “Waking Life” is an animated philosophical drama film directed by Richard Linklater and released in 2001. It is an excellent choice when going through the best movies when high. The film uses a unique animation technique called rotoscoping, in which live-action footage is traced over and transformed into animated visuals. “Waking Life” explores a range of philosophical and existential topics through a series of conversations and encounters with different characters.

The film follows a young man as he navigates through a dreamlike world, engaging in discussions about reality, consciousness, the nature of existence, and the meaning of life. The visual style of the film, which blurs the line between reality and dream, can resonate with altered states of mind and the sense of introspection that often accompanies them.

If you’re interested in philosophical discussions and abstract concepts, “Waking Life” could be an intriguing choice, especially when watched with an open and reflective mind which is why it is listed in the best movies when high. 

10. “Baraka” (1992) – Best movies when high

“Baraka” is a non-narrative documentary film directed by Ron Fricke and released in 1992. The film is renowned for its stunning visuals and captivating exploration of various cultures, landscapes, and human experiences from around the world. It is included in best movies when high for the very same reason. “Baraka” is essentially a visual poem that aims to convey a sense of interconnectedness and the beauty of the planet.

The film is composed of a series of mesmerizing images that span continents, cultures, and environments. These images are accompanied by a haunting and evocative musical score, creating an immersive sensory experience. The lack of a traditional narrative allows viewers to interpret the film’s visuals and themes in their own way.

The film’s focus on human diversity, spirituality, and the relationship between humanity and the natural world can align well with altered perceptions and a sense of connection. Give it a try while touring the world of best movies when high.


Best movies when high! The world of cinema offers a diverse range of films that can be particularly engaging and thought-provoking when it comes to best movies when high. Movies like “Baraka,” “Waking Life,” “Yellow Submarine,” and others provide unique visual experiences that resonate with a sense of wonder and introspection. Meanwhile, films such as “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” “The Big Lebowski,” and “Doctor Strange” bring humor, surrealism, and mind-bending concepts to the forefront.


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