Welcome to Trippy Tourists!

I hope you liked my blog. This blog shows various destinations that we all dream of and want to visit. I am a Traveller by choice and a Digital Marketer by profession. You can say that these experiences are my own and I hope that you will love the articles on Trippy Tourists and share your suggestions.

Starting with the introduction, I am Maanvir, and I began working at a very young age. I worked for almost 3 years without any break and my life was continuous I began to feel that I do the same work every day and all day long which made me think that it’s more to life and I should take the risk and explore it fully.

So, here I am writing my experiences and thoughts on various places that I have been to. I share my opinion in the form of articles and pictures to make it easy for my audience to get through the travel journey which I experienced.

You can also contact me to put your suggestions, thoughts, comments, or thing that you liked or disliked. I would be happy to hear from you. Here are my social handles if you wish to checkout them: Instagram, LinkedIn

In the end, HAPPY TRAVELLING Fellas!!